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Welcome to CESK


Become part of a community dedicated to excellence and knowledge creation

Cambridge Educational Services are leading schools known for their academic excellence. CESK are currently looking for committed and competent candidates for the following position(s):
Interested candidates must send their CV and cover letter to [email protected].

Please send your resume with cover letter to [email protected]

Why CISK as an Employer?

Cambridge Educational Services are known for their professional, team-oriented work environment. We provide opportunities for career growth and advancement to employees at all levels.
If you are looking for a career at an educational institution in a challenging and diverse work environment, a CESK could be the place for you.
We strive to attract the best employees for its diverse range of administrative and academic positions.
CESK ensures that all employee’s well-being is given due importance at every step of the career ladder.  

Vision and Mission

To become a world class leader in Human Resource Management through:

  1. Our passion towards learning and continuous improvement.
  2. Our focus towards adopting Human Resource best practices and technologies.


  1. To add value to the organization by integrating Human Resources to the overall vision and mission of the organization .
  2. Reinforce and promote leadership to help CESK become the employer of choice for high quality professionals and teachers .
  3. Promote a culture of trust, tolerance, knowledge sharing and teamwork .
  4. To use the best possible technology for the Human Resource practices .
  5. Develop a professional environment founded on the principles of fairness, equity and mutual respect .
  6. To provide high quality professional development opportunities for growth to the staff.

Training and Development

CESK focuses on the growth and development of the staff for professional excellence. We register staff every year for online training sessions and conferences, so we can be an integral part of the changing world. Our teachers also have the opportunity to participate in workshops and events provided by Cambridge Assessment for International Education.

How to find us?


Send us your CV to [email protected]



100m Avenue, Airport road, Empire World square, Erbil, Kurdistan.


[email protected]
Phone: +964 750 878 7890